Friday, May 18, 2018
50 Frank Nighbor Pl, Kanata, ON

Trampoline <— Click to view the informational Poster

Participation is limited to 50 cadets – First Come, First Served.

Wear shorts and a t-shirt, Bring water bottle. There are washrooms available for changing.

Cadets must submit a waiver form, signed by their parent if they are under the age of 18. Cadets 18+ years of age can sign their own waiver form.

The waiver form and $5 must be submitted no later than Wed May 9.

XTpark Waiver

The following cadets have signed up for this event:

Arreaga, Fernando
Bank, Adam
Bischoff, Charlie
Gluzman, Nicole
Gold, Evan
Gold, Orrin
Harley, James
Haynik, Alexander
Haynik, Guinevere
Horne, Caden
Horne, Taylor
Hourdebaigt, Noah
Ianiev-Xia, Florence
Julien, Kelsey
Karroum, Isam
Khan, Abdur Rehman
Khan, Minaal Khurram
Khan, Muhammad Ali
Kuffner, Leo
Lafleur, Patrick
Lamb, Catharina
Lange, Brayden
Lange, Kaleb
Lau, Daniel
McLean, Graham
Menshikov, Denis
Mukendi, Kollin
Nazari, Norbert
Neil, Adelynn
Neil, Emberleigh
Nelson, Daniel
Oh, Youngju
Olson, Rian
Patel, Karan
Penny, Stewart
Schmidt, Adam
Snyder, Maggie
Stacey, Andrea
Sun, LeAnn
Weinbender, Eva-Maria
Yeung, Chi Sam
Zboril, Banjamin
Zimmer, Joshua
Zimmer-Cooney, Nicky