Ground School

In order to assist our cadets to perform well on the Qualifying Exam, 872 Squadron runs a “Ground School” for those cadets that are interested in applying for a scholarship. Ground school classes provide cadets with more detailed information about aviation and aeronautics than is taught in the core program.

Ground School is broke into two sections as follows:

SENIOR GROUND SCHOOL – Monday Nights from Sept 17th to Jan. 28th – 1900 to 2130hrs – AY Jackson – MAP
Out of all the airline and commercial pilots in Canada, 67% of them started their careers in the cadet program. At 872, the first step to getting your glider and private pilot licenses is to join ground school. Over 17 weeks, cadets aged 15 or older can join the senior ground school program to build on their knowledge of theory of flight, navigation, meterology, air law, and aero-engines. Lectures, discussions, and exams are taken in order to get ready for the regional selection exams and interviews on the first Saturday in February. It is a theory-intensive, classroom-based learning environment that requires focus and a keen interest and drive to get their summer scholarships.

JUNIOR GROUND SCHOOL – Monday Nights from Feb 4th to Apr. 29th – 1900 to 2100hrs – AY Jackson – MAP

One of the main purposes of the Air Cadet Program is to instill an interest in flying. The junior ground school program is aimed at introducing the basics of flight and aircraft construction, navigation, the rules of the air, and aviation weather to interested cadets. The 10-week program is a chance for junior cadets aged 12-14 to see if aviation is something they are interested in and build up a foundation of knowledge that will be needed to succeed in the senior ground school program and beyond.

Dress is civilian casual. Please bring a pen and notebook. Arrangements will be made to obtain the “From the Ground Up” text book which will be available for purchase by the cadets.