Note from the Supply Officer

Mr. John Haynik

I presently have a few orders in.

This kit is ready for the following members below.

If you have any past uniform parts, please remember to bring you old kit (example wedge, boots, tunic etc.) for an exchange to get your new order items.

New Uniforms ready for pickup Jan 09 2019

1. Honigan, Pierson

2. Arjun, Seth

3. Wensink, Brooklyn

4. Rehman, Abdul

5. Graham, MacKenzie

6. Chu, Xu

7. Schnider, Owen

8. Zakir, Syed

9. Lee Aaron

10.Moffatt, Nathaniel

New Individual orders

1. Makani, Ziya- parka

2. Henigan, Pierra- shirt

3. Nelson, Daniel- tunic

4. Fenton, Rob- gloves

5. Khaimar, Jay- gloves

6. Taweel, Zaid- tunic & trousers

7. Renaud, Emma- trousers

8. Nemchin, Austin- parka

9. Tuleine, Alshaer- wedge

10.Ignacio, Alexander Jr- trousers

11.Gupta, Manas- tie

12.Kaur, Ishmeet- trousers

13.Hovridebaigt, Noah- trousers

Wan, Eric- parka

T Doyle