The SSC (Squadron Sponsoring Committee) elections for the 2019/20 Cadet year will be held May 15th 2019 in room 209 at A.Y. Jackson School starting at 7pm.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come out and take part and everyone can vote on who the elected directors will be.

The SSC is made up of a group of 11 Directors + volunteers.  The only difference between Directors and volunteers is that the Directors have the ability to vote on motions put forward at SSC meetings.  Within that group of 11 directors there is an executive group made up of the Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

If you are interested in becoming a Director you must indicate your intention to the chair by email ( before Wednesday May 8th 2019.  People interested in becoming a Director should have been attending SSC meetings during the past few months so you are familiar with the workings of our organization.

Expectations of Directors:

  • Attend all SSC Meetings (typically the second Wednesday of every month excluding July and August) + Budget and Planning meetings typically held in August and Early September.
  • Actively volunteer at as many activities and events both on Wednesday evening as well as other nights and weekends as possible.
  • Take on or assist in at least one major project or role per year (ie. Spaghetti dinner, Tag Day, Golf Tournament,  Tuck Shop, Facilities management, Transportation management…..)
  • The term of a Director is 1 year running from July 1st to June 30th.  While directors are elected yearly there are several positions, mainly the Chair and Treasurer where a multi year commitment is required.  This is due to the training required and the learning curve to move into the position.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to any of the SSC members on a Wednesday night or contact the Mark Vermeer at