Spring FTX – May 11, 12, & 13

872 Squadron will be holding a spring survival exercise Friday May 11, Saturday May 12, and Sunday May 13, 2018, at Camp Smitty, 98 Mink, Lake Rd, RR #3, Eganville, ON, K0J 1T0.

Cadets MUST have attended one of the FTX’s this training year to be eligible for promotion at the end of the training year in June.

All cadets must return a permission slip signed by their parent or guardian no later than April 18.

FTX Permission Form

All cadets must arrive at A.Y. Jackson High School no later than 1715hrs (5:15
pm) on Friday, May 11.

Cadets are to have eaten supper before arriving at the

The departure from A.Y. Jackson High School is scheduled for 1815hrs
(6:15 pm).

Cadets will be returning to A.Y. Jackson High School from the Spring 2018 FTX at approximately 1700hrs (5:00 pm) on Sunday, May 13.

Please see the link below for a complete kit list.

872 Training Exercise Kit List


Rank Name
FCpl Abdelaal, M
Cdt Alamgir, A
LAC Alshaer, T
LAC Al-Zu’bi, J
Sgt Al-Zu-Bi, A
Cpl Anderson, A
FCpl Arreaga, F
FCpl Bailey, T
FCpl Bank, A
Cpl Bischoff, C
Cdt Blanchet, Z
FSgt Brooks, G
Cdt Brown, A
Cpl Brown, S
Cpl Burgess-Last, D
Cdt Burke, A
LAC Cardinal, N
Cpl Charette, A
Cdt Das, A
Sgt Dassanayake, A
LAC Desai, R
FCpl Fortin, M
Sgt Gluzman, N
FSgt Gold, N
Cpl Grewal, J
Cpl Guo, V
FCpl Haynik, A
Cpl Haynik, G
Cpl Horne, C
FCpl Hourdebaigt-Williams, N
Cpl Ianiev-Xia, F
Cpl Ibrahim, H
WO2 Jaeggi, O
WO2 Jones, S
FSgt Julien, K
Sgt Kardynal, D
FCpl Karroum, I
FCpl Karroum, S
FCpl Khan, A
LAC Khan, M
Sgt Khan, M
FSgt Kruzich, M
Cdt Kumarasamy, A
FCpl Kuruvilla, J
Cpl Kwan, R
WO2 Lafleur, P
FCpl Lam, A
LAC Lamb, C
FCpl Lamb, C
LAC Lange, B
LAC Lange, K
LAC Lau, D
Cpl Lee, A
FSgt Lejeune, I
LAC Lejeune, L
FCpl Lewis, A
LAC Liao, I
FCpl Liao, R
WO1 Lopez-Espinosa, F
FCpl McCallum, C
FSgt McLean, G
Cpl McNulty, C
Sgt Menshikov, D
Sgt Mishra, K
FCpl Mohammed, Y
FSgt Mukendi, K
Cdt Nasim, Y
Cdt Nassar, Y
FCpl Nazari, N
FSgt Neil, A
FCpl Neil, D
LAC Neil, E
FSgt Nelson, D
Cdt O’Gorman, T
Cdt O’Toole, L
FCpl Pangalia, N
LAC Parlour, C
Cpl Patel, K
Cpl Pathipan, S
Sgt Patterson, A
FSgt Penny, S
FCpl Pilon, E
Sgt Poirier, C
Cpl Pollex, L
FCpl Ramde, R
LAC Reid, G
FCpl Reid, K
FSgt Renaud, E
FCpl Schmidt, A
FCpl Shangari, R
LAC Shatenko, M
LAC Slater, R
FSgt Smith, A
FSgt Snyder, M
LAC Spirak, J
Cdt Stacey, A
FCpl Strachan, T
Cpl Sun, L
LAC Taffinder, N
Cpl Thananchayan, D
LAC Tolymbek, E
FSgt Vermeer, E
LAC Wakass, E
Cdt Wang, Y
LAC Wood-Lyons, J
LAC Wooltorton, F
Cpl Yeaton, H
Sgt Yeaton, R
FSgt Yong, E
LAC Yong, J
Cdt Zboril, B
WO2 Zhang, J
FCpl Zhang, K
FCpl Zhu, W
Cpl Zimmer, J
FCpl Zimmer-Cooney, N
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