This year the Exercise will be held from February 15th to February 17th 2019 at Tucker Lake in Low, Quebec. The timings for the winter FTX are as follows:

Drop off is no late than 1815 (6:15pm) on Friday, Feb 15. The bus departs at 1830 (6:30pm) from AY Jackson

Pick up from AY is Sunday at 1515(3:15pm).

Any changes to the schedule will be posted on Facebook.

Below are the names of the cadets who have been selected to attend the Winter FTX. Please note that the attendees were determined based on the matrix

Brown, S.                    Phase 1
Guo, V.                        Phase 1
Trimble, N.                  Phase 2
Ianiev-Xia, F.              Phase 1
Pilon, E.                      Phase 2
Lopez-Espinosa, F.   WOI of exercise
Anderson, A.              Phase 1
Neil, D.                        Phase 2
Bank, A.                      Phase 2
Schmidt, A.                Phase 2
Horne, C.                    Phase 1
Mishra, K.                   Phase 3
McNulty, C.                Phase 1
Kuruvilla, J.                Phase 2
Lamb, C.                    Phase 2

If you are unable to attend please email the CO ASAP as there is a waiting list.

The kit list is available (attach kit list)

Winter Survival Kit List Bilingual <— click link to view