1. The power fly day has been cancelled
  2. There will be a power fly day on Sunday, April 08. Cadets are to be at A.Y. Jackson no later than 1115 and will be returning to AY Jackson by 1630. Priority will be given to cadets who have never flown.

Cadets are to eat before arriving and may bring snacks for the afternoon.

Dress is civilian dress – no uniforms.


Rank Last Name
Cdt Al-zu’bi
Sgt Al-zu’bi
Cpl Anderson
Cpl Brown
Cdt Brown
Cdt Burgress-Last
Cdt Burke
Cpl Charette
FCpl Fortin
Sgt Gluzman
Cpl Guo
Cpl Horne
Cpl Ianiev-Xia
Cpl Jagtap
FCpl Kuruvilla
LAC Lamb
Cpl Liao
WO2 Lopez-Espinosa
LAC Marikar
Sgt Menshikov
LAC Nasim
FCpl Nazari
Cdt Olson
Cdt Parlour
LAC Spirak
Cdt Stacey
Cpl Thananchayan
LAC Woikass
Cpl Zimmer
FCpl Zimmer Cooney