Notes from Supply – Dec 04

CI Haynik presently has a few more orders in.

This kit is ready for the following members below.

Note: Please remember to bring your old kit (example wedge, boots, tunic etc.) for an exchange to get your new order items.

Supply Kit ready for hand out Dec 05

Individual kit:

  1. Mohammed, Yamman- Trousers
  2. AlZubi, Jenna- Trousers
  3. Gluzman, Nicole- Trousers
  4. AlZubi, Abraham- Trousers
  5. Spirak, Jessica- Trousers
  6. Wagar, Anosha- Shirt
  7. Taffinder, Nicola- Tunic
  8. Reid, Krista- Tunic & Shirt
  9. Ting, Freddy- Tunic, Shirt & Trousers
  10. Taweel, Zaid- Tunic & Trousers
  11. Probasha, Rasaputra- Boots & Belt

Initial Kit Issue Ready for new Cadets.

Full Uniform ready for hand out Dec 05:

  1. Ali. Salma
  2. Gunny, Aliyah
  3. Kwan, Joshua
  4. An, Delrick
  5. Halliday, Terrance
  6. Saunders, Alyssa
  7. Martincich, Noah
  8. Charron, Sydney
  9. Nemchin, Austin
  10. McItattie, Rachel
  11. Clarke, Sidney
  12. Memel, Maurelle
  13. Nguyen, Andrew
  14. Lafleur, Alexandra
  15. Wan, Eric
  16. Sheppard, Luke
  17. Harrison, Amanda
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