Note from the Supply Officer                                                           

Mr John Haynik


I presently have a few orders in.

This kit is ready for the following members below.


If you have any past uniform parts, please remember to bring you old kit (example wedge, boots, tunic etc.) for an exchange to get your new order items.


New Uniforms ready for pickup Oct 17


1.     Yu, Tony

2.     Abdullah, Muhammad

3.     Sheridan Bryn

4.     Ahmed, Abdikareem

5.     Pulgarin, Leonardo

6.     Pulgarin, Gregorio

7.     Ahmed, Guled

8.     Hartman, Adam

9.     Butviakin, Ron

10.Jefferies, MacKenzie

11.Stewart, Juliette

12.Billette, Taylor

13.Makani, Ziya

14.Beetan, Teja

15.Hennigan, Pierra

16.Kaur, Ishmeet

17.Karpov, Aliona

18.Zhany, Chris

19.An, Delric

20.Ting, Freddy

21.Spidell, Isaac

22.Jacob, Fredette

23.Yu, Derek

24.Thilakathna, Ovindu

25.Warnpura, Yevin

26.Zhong, Brayden

27.Beetan, Sajan

28.Wan, Tony (Xieng Peng)

29.Wagler, Alexander

30.Zhang, Vincent

31.Sherk, Gillian



New Individual orders

1.     Charette, Aiden- Boots

2.     Prabasha, Rasputra – Boots

3.     Arreaga, Fernando – Boots, shirt, and tunic

4.     Gold, Evan- shirt

5.     Blanchette, Zachary- gloves

6.     McNaulty, Carter- shirt, pants, belt

7.     Das, Aarjo- trouser, wedge, belt

8.     Renaud, Emma- trousers

9.     Oh, Youngiu- trousers