Updated Jan 11 2019

Cadets should be at AY Jackson Saturday January 19th at 1615hrs.

Dinner will be served upon arrival at the museum.

Cadets will be back at AY for pickup Sunday January 20th at 8am, note that breakfast will not be served Sunday morning.

Each participant should bring:
-sleeping gear (camping mattress, pillow & sleeping bag)
-warm pyjamas
-slippers or sneakers
-change of clothes

Cadets attending the Museum Sleepover are as follows:

Ali Salma Cdt
An Delric Shao Kun Cdt
Anderson Alexander Erik Carl FCpl
Balitsky Alexander Cdt
Beetan Sajan Cdt
Beetan Teja Cdt
Blanchet Zachary LAC
Botvinkin Ran Cdt
Brown Alistair Cpl
Brown Sebastian FCpl
Chiomny Yan Cdt
Cousineau Daphée Cdt
Dassanayake Ayesha Dilakshi FSgt
Dassanayake Samantha Dilhani Cdt
Desjardins Cédrik Francois Cdt
Festeryga Kathryn Rose Cdt
Gluzman Nicole FSgt
Gluzman Tomer Michael Cdt
Gunny Aliyah Housnah Cdt
Harrison Amanda Cdt
Hartman Adam Cdt
Hoang Charles Anh-Tri Cdt
Horne Cayden FCpl
Horne Taylor LAC
Ianiev-Xia Florence Yueyuan FCpl
Jefferie Mackenzie Kaleigh Cdt
Julien Kelsey Paige FSgt
Karpov Aliona Cdt
Kurbanova Amal Cdt
Lafleur Alexandra Isabelle Cdt
Lopez-Espinosa Felipe WO1
Makani Ziya Akeel Cdt
Martinich Noah Cdt
McHattie Rachel Margaret Cdt
Meier Korbyn Cdt
Memel Agnim Yvonne Maurelle Cdt
Moazzam Usman Cdt
Moffat Nathaniel John Cdt
Neil Adelynn FSgt
Neil Darienne Sgt
Neil Emberleigh Anne Violet Cpl
Nejad Ensan Kian Cdt
Nemchin Austin Cdt
Nguyen Andrew Minkha Cdt
Oh Youngju LAC
Patterson Amanda Jane FSgt
Poirier Curtis FSgt
Pu Frederick Cdt
Renaud Emma Louise FSgt
Schneider Kai Alexander Cdt
Schneider Owen Karl Cdt
Seth Arjun Cdt
Shagan Liam Cdt
Vu Alexander Cdt
Wagler Alexander Cdt
Walry Isaiah Jack Quincy Cdt
Warnapura Yevin Cdt
Wooltorton Felix George Cpl
Xu Chu Cdt
Yeung Chi Sam Cpl
Yu Tony Cdt
Grant Liam Cdt
Davis Connor Cdt
Zaynullin Maxim Cdt
Merker Jennifer Cdt
Felhaber Treah Cdt
Wensink Brooklyn Cdt
Villa-Lopez Enrigue Cdt

NOW ALL LEVELS are able to sign up for a night of fun at the Aviation Museum on January 19, 2019. A Permission form is below and will need to be handed in NLT January 09, 2019.  Priority will be given to new cadets.

Cadets will be transported by bus from AY Jackson on Saturday night and then returned by bus back on Sunday morning. Senior cadets will be required for supervision and space is limited.

If you have any questions please contact Capt Schmid.

Museum Sleepover Permission Form