UPDATED March 13 – Marksmanship Competition

– 17 Mar – end time update
– 16 Mar – new start and end times.
– 13 Mar, 1105hrs – change of location

St Andrew School
201 Crestway Dr
Nepean, On
K2G 6Z3


Cadets must make their own way to and from the event.

All participants must bring their health insurance card as proof of age.

Cadets are permitted to travel in civilian clothing and dress comfortably during the marksmanship competition.

Cadets are to bring their own lunch and snacks (nut free). There is no designated lunch period – cadets may eat when they have time.


07h30 – Arrival on the teams on the competition site
08h00 – Meeting of teams coaches
08h30 – Start of the zeroing period Each team will have a firing point et will dispose of a 30 minutes period for the zeroing. (The firing point will be attributed by a draw at the coaches meeting.
09h45 – End of the zeroing period and preparation for the start of the competition
10h00 – Relays begin
There is no stop time for lunch
17h00 – Departure of CC


Cpl Brown, S
FCpl Gold, E
Cpl Haynik, G
WO2 Lopez-Espinosa, F
LAC Muise, S
FSgt Neil, A
FCpl Neil, D

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