Fitness Trackers

A reminder that we are still accepting fitness trackers for those cadets who needed additional time to complete their tracker.  Scanned copies may be emailed to until June 26th.

Cadets who have not submitted fitness trackers are:

Level 1

  • Ammar, Z
  • Chang, M
  • Chaudry, T
  • Crumley, B
  • Khawaja, H
  • Kuffner, G
  • Lau, G
  • Nasser, Y
  • Parlour, C

Level 2

  • Abu-Oshaibah, Y
  • Ammar, S
  • Reid, G
  • Yeaton, H
  • Yeung, C

Level 3

  • Ibrahim, I
  • Ramde,

Level 4

  • Kardinal, D
  • Yeaton, R

New copies will not be given out at this time as cadets are required to track their fitness for four weeks.  If not completed, the above cadets will be required to complete a fitness tracker once training resumes in the fall in order to complete their level.

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