872 Squadron will be holding its Effective Speaking Competition on
Wednesday, January 16th, 2018 at 1830 hrs at A.Y. Jackson High School.  Cadets of all ages and levels are welcome to register as a competitor.  Having participated in the Toastmasters Junior Leadership Program is not a requirement.  The winner will go on to participate in the Ottawa Valley Effective Speaking Competition tentatively scheduled for February 17th.  The subsequent levels of competition are the Regional and the National levels.


You will be delivering two speeches, one prepared and one impromptu.  Your prepared speech must be selected among one of the designated topics and must be 5-6 minutes in length.  Speeches that are shorter the 5 minutes or longer than 6 minutes will be penalized.

The prepared speech topics for this year are:

  • What is a Canadian?
  • 3D Printer Technology – how will it impact our future?
  • Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
  • How is today’s technology causing gaps in communications?
  • How will legalizing cannabis affect our society?
  • Why should cadets be involved in fundraising for the program?
  • The positive and negative effects of advances in technology.
  • What happened to the Avro Arrow and is it time for a new one?
  • Peer pressure amongst today’s youth – fact or fiction?
  • What is the importance of gender equality in today’s youth?
  • How could the cadet program fill the gap in the aviation industry?
  • Cadet’s Choice: the Cadet’s Choice must fit into one of these categories: Cadet Life, Science and Technology, Aviation, Canadian History or Citizenship.
  • NOTE:  The Cadet’s Choice topic must fall within the six categories listed above.   If there is a doubt, discuss the issue with one of the Squadron organizers listed below.

Your impromptu speech will be about a topic provided to each speaker a few minutes before they are due to speak for 2-3 minutes.  Speeches that are shorter the 2 minutes or longer than 3 minutes will be penalized.

There are certain rules that you must observe if you want to be successful, so read carefully the training material, the workbook and the guide found through the link below.

To register for the 872 Squadron Competition, click this link , complete the form and submit it.

You have until Jan 9, 2019 to submit the registration form.

Dress for the competition is the same as the Dress for any weekly parade.

If there are any questions please contact: Mr. Lopez (anaga.ottawa@gmail.com)

Mark Vermeer