All order forms and money collected are due in on November 14th 2018 at parade night. Or you can purchase on-line (using the links below) until midnight November 14th 2018.

Make Cheques payable to 872 Kiwanis Kanata Royal Canadian AC Sqn.

Dough delivery and distribution will be on Wednesday December 12th 2018

Please note there are Gluten Free and Peanut Free selections.

Online Orders

Orders for Cookie Dough and much more (Jewellery, tumblers, magazines, e-books) can be done online at with our ONLINE ID: 4757571 . It is pretty easy to use but if you need help or have questions you can view a instruction sheet by clicking here.  Please note that if you order items other than cookie dough / tasty treats or magazines , you will need to pay for shipping to your home.  The squadron will only take care of distributing cookie dough.

Get Ballots for the year end fundraising raffle for your participation in this activity.

More Details
We are very excited to announce the start of our Cookie Dough Fundraiser for 872 Kiwanis Kanata Royal Canadian Air Cadets Squadron. Due to its popularity and previous success over the last 8 years we have again decided to continue with the program and will again this year be going with QSP.

This fundraiser supplies us with the much needed funds that allow our Cadets the opportunity to experience a variety of fun and challenging activities over the year. (Fly Days, Year End Event, Banquets, Training, Supplies, Biathlon/Band Equipment, etc.)

This timely event also coincides with the busy holiday baking season, a perfect and delicious way to save some time in the kitchen.

All your close acquaintances can help with the success of this campaign: family members, friends, parents’ co-workers, neighbours, etc.

We have had a chance over past years to test the baked results of the cookies and have only had positive feedback. The frozen dough is easy to use straight from the freezer, bakes up wonderfully, and tastes great.

Order yours now and spread the word to all your friends and family!! Email them this link, Facebook It! Tweet It!! 

Happy Baking!