UPDATED – Canada Aviation and Space Museum Sleepover, January 27th – 28th

22 Jan 2018 – participant list added
26 Jan 2018 – Group assignments added

NOTE – Cadets are to bring a standard flashlight (no high intensity flashlights)

Hello cadets! We hope you enjoyed your holidays!

We’re going to have a fun start to the new year with a museum sleepover

at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. There will be hands-on activities, tours, pizza and a movie!

Here are some important details concerning this event:

The activity is happening over Saturday, January 27th and Sunday, January 28th. Transportation to and from the museum will be provided. Dinner and breakfast will also be served.


  • Buses leave at 1630 hrs on Saturday
  • Cadets are to arrive at AY Jackson no later than 1615 hrs.


  • Pick-up at AY is Sunday morning at 0830 hrs.

Permission forms and $10 deposit are due no later than January 17th!

Museum Sleepover Permission Form

We hope to see you all for a fun night at the museum!

FSgt Yong, FSgt Julien and FSgt Lejeune

Authorized Participants

Rank Last Name Comments
FCpl Abdelaal
Cpl Anderson
FCpl Arreaga
FCpl Bank
Cpl Bischoff
Cdt Blanchard
Cdt Brown
Cpl Brown
Cpl Burgess-Last
Cpl Charette
Sgt Dassanayake
FCpl Fortin
Sgt Gluzman
FCpl Gold
FSgt Gold
Cpl Gupta pending permission form & payment
Cpl Haynik
Cpl Horne
FCpl Hourdebaigt-Williams
Cdt Houze-Cerfon pending permission form & payment
Cpl Ianiev-Xia pending permission form & payment
Cdt Ignacio
WO2 Jones
FSgt Julien
Cdt Kadri
Sgt Kardynal
FCpl Khan
LAC Khan
Sgt Khan
Cdt Kuffner
Cdt Kuruvilla
Cdt Lamb
FCpl Lamb
Cdt Lau
Cdt Lau
FSgt Lejeune
LAC Lejeune
FCpl Lewis
Cdt Liao
Cpl Liao
WO2 Lopez-Espinosa
LAC McNulty
FCpl Mohammed
Cdt Muise
FSgt Mukendi
Cdt Nassar
FCpl Nazari
FSgt Neil
FCpl Neil
Cdt Neil
FSgt Nelson
Cdt Parlour
Sgt Patterson
Sgt Philpott
FCpl Pilon
FCpl Reid
FSgt Renaud
Cdt Salvador
FCpl Schmidt
Cdt Shatenko
Cdt Slater
Cdt Spirak
Cpl Thananchayan
LAC Tolymbek
Cpl Trimble
Cdt Vasquez-Barba
Cdt Wakass
LAC Weinbender
Cdt Wooltorton
Cpl Yeaton
LAC Yeung
FSgt Yong
Cdt Yong
FCpl Zhang
Cpl Zimmer
FCpl Zimmer-Cooney

Group Assignments

Group 1 (18) Group 2 (18) Group 3 (18) Group 4 (18)
Fsgt Gold Fsgt Mukendi Fsgt Nelson Fsgt Renaud
Fsgt Neil Sgt Dassanyake Sgt Kardynal Sgt Gluzman
Sgt Patterson Sgt Khan Fcpl Gold Fcpl Arreaga
Sgt Philpott Fcpl Bank Fcpl Mohammed Fcpl Hourdebaigt-Williams
Fcpl Abdelaal Fcpl Lewis Fcpl Neil Fcpl Lamb
Fcpl Khan Fcpl Zimmer-Cooney Fcpl Reid Fcpl Pilon
Fcpl Nazari Fcpl Schmidt Cpl Burgess-Last Fcpl Zhang
Cpl Haynick Cpl Anderson Cpl Liao Cpl Charette
Cpl Ianiev-Xia* Cpl Bischoof Cpl Zimmer Cpl Horne
Cpl Thananchayan Cpl Brown LAC Lejeune Cpl Yeaton
Cpl Trimble Cpl Gupta* LAC Yeung LAC McNulty
LAC Tô LAC Guo Cdt Brown LAC Tolymbek
LAC Weinbender LAC Khan Cdt Kuruvilla Cdt Blanchard
Cdt Iganacio Cdt Lamb Cdt Muise Cdt Houze-Cerfon*
Cdt Liao Cdt Lau Cdt Woolworton Cdt Kuffner
Cdt Parlour Cdt Lau Cdt Yong Cdt Nassa
Cdt Shatenko Cdt Neil Cdt Kadri Cdt Saluador
Cdt Vasquez-Barba Cdt Spirak Cdt Wakass Cdt Slator
Those who are higlighted in orange are the seniors of the group.
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