The following documents outline the requirements for promotion to a given rank:

Checklist – LAC

Checklist – Cpl

Checklist – FCpl

Checklist – Sgt

Checklist – FSgt

Checklist – WO2

Checklist – WO1

In addition, for promotion to WO2, WO1 or selection for camps, annual awards, etc, a Review Board is established. The process for the Merit Review Board is in accordance with CATO 13-02, with further details at the link below.


The evaluation located in the Merit Review Board Guidance is completed with input from all members to arrive at a mark for the cadet. This establishes the ranking that is used when selections are made. The review of this document is to help make the process clear and transparent.

Merit Review Boards Guidance (Cadets for promotion to the ranks of WO2 AND WO1)