This section hold the details of the Administration section of the Squadron. Please see the following pages for details.

Additional Pages

Standing Orders

Squadron Standing Orders outline how the Squadron operates and is required reading for all cadets and staff. Click the link below to read the document. 872 standing orders

Dress & Deportment

Rules and Regulation regarding authorised Dress and Deportment for your uniform in accordance with Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATO). CATO 55-04 – Main Cadet Dress Regulations CATO 55-04 Annex A– Numbered Orders of Dress air-cadet-badge-updates CATO 55-04 Annex D … Continue reading

Weekly Routine Orders

Weekly Routine Orders or WRO’s specify the training activities and orders for weekly parades. WRO’s 21 Feb 2018 14 Feb 2018 7 Feb 2018 31 Jan 2018 24 Jan 2018 17-Jan-2018 – Updated after cancellation 10 Jan 2018 20 Dec … Continue reading

CO Directives

The following Directives issued by the CO of 872 Squadron apply to all staff and cadets of the Squadron.   CO’s Directive 14-02 – GUIDELINES FOR THE SELECTION AND COUNSELLING OF APPLICANTS FOR CIVILIAN INSTRUCTOR (CI) POSITIONS – (Intended for … Continue reading


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