872 Squadron Annual Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (YLP) 2018

  1. The following is a list of the 872 Sqn Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program (YLP) participants for this year. The list also includes two Cadets on the Stand-by list.
  2. Selection priority has been given to Seniors. All those at the Sgt, FSgt and WO ranks who signed-up have been selected.  The FCpls whose name is on the list were selected based on signing-in priority, stated in another way, the six first FCpls to sign-in were selected.  The number of participants must be kept at 16 in order to assure that each participant gets enough speaking time.
  3. The YLP will be held over eight Monday nights from 1900hrs to 2100hrs at A. Y. Jackson High School: starting on Monday 26 Feb and ending on Monday 16 April.
  4. Administrative details. The Participant Handbook will be distributed at the first meeting but each participant must bring paper and pencil / pen.  Dress for the YLP is school attendance clothing.  There is no cost for the YLP.
  5. The YLP Coordinator this year will be Patricia VanderLann from the CONTEXT Toastmasters Club at Bell’s Corners.
  6. Questions should be directed to CI Pelletier at 613-721-3819 or at

dpellet1661@rogers.com or in person at the Wednesday evening parade.

Toastmasters YLP Participants list 2018

1.    WO2 Lopez-Espinosa
2.    FSgt Neil
3.    FSgt Julien
4.    FSgt Smith
5.    Sgt Gluzman
6.    Sgt Yeaton
7.    Sgt Dassanayake
8.    Sgt Kruzich
9.    Sgt Mishra
10. Sgt Khan
11. FCpl Fortin
12. FCpl Schmidt
13. FCpl Neil
14. FCpl Pilon
15. FCpl Waqar
16. FCpl Shangari

Stand-by List

1.    FCpl Haynik
2.    FCpl Kuruvilla
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