872 Squadron

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 Important Announcements

Summer Camp Info
Please refer to this post for information and travel details

Registration Details for September 2018

Level 5 Cadets Return Sept 5th at 1830 at Glen Cairn Gym

Level 2 – 4 Cadets Return Sept 12th at  1830 at Glen Cairn Gym

Regular Parade Nights begin Sept 19th at A.Y. Jackson starting at 1830

New Recruit Registration Sept 19th at A.Y. Jackson starting at 1900(7:00 pm). Please see this link for information on joining 872 Squadron.

Upcoming Activities & Deadlines


  • NO PARKING – Parents please take note that the area along the sidewalk by the front doors at A.Y. Jackson is a fire lane and a no parking zone.  In addition we feel it is a safety hazard to have cadets walking out between parked cars with other cars trying to exit the parking lot.  Please find a parking spot in the lot and wait for your cadet to exit the building there.  Or better yet, park, come in an join us in the upstairs gallery to listen to the announcements at the final parade.  Thank you for your cooperation!

    Regular Weekly Activities

    Senior Ground School – Monday – 1900 to 2130hrs – AY Jackson – MAP

    Junior Ground School – Monday – 1900 to 2100 – AY Jackson – MAP

    Drill Team – Tuesday – 1830 to 2100 – Glen Cairn Community Center Gym – MAP

    Band – Thursday – 1900 to 2100 – Glen Cairn Community Center Upper Hall – MAP

    Sports Nights – normally last Friday of the month – 1900 to 2100 – Maurice Lapointe School small gym – MAP


     872 Kiwanis Kanata Air Cadet Squadron has been actively training youth and being a contributing member of the Western Ottawa community since 1980.

    872 Kiwanis Kanata Air Cadet SquadronWe have a strong and vibrant program which offers much more than just the basic Air Cadet training program. We provide a variety of optional activities running most nights of the week and or weekend. We also provide opportunities for the cadets to fly in a glider and/or small powered aircraft at least two times per year (usually 3 to 4 times).

    In addition to the regular Wednesday night training program that all cadets participate in, we also have a drill team and a band that practices on other nights of the week. The squadron is actively building a biathlon team which meets most Saturday mornings. For those who are interested in the opportunity to obtain their glider or power pilot’s license, we have Ground School on Monday night’s to instruct them and prepare them for the written test. Their standings on these written tests, as well as their involvement in other aspects of the squadron and community go a long way toward their chances of being awarded a glider or power scholarship (several of which are awarded to cadets of our squadron every year).

    All of this is possible due to a strong program provided by the Air Cadet League of Canada, a very committed squadron staff, as well as a very committed sponsoring committee (made up of parent volunteers) that all work closely together to achieve a common goal.

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